June 26, 2014

Round Ripples Again

You probably remember the small Round Ripples I made a couple of weeks ago. I just added two more to my collection using the Schachenmayr Bravo Color yarn I bought in May. Unfortunately, the pattern I used is no longer available online so I had to crochet them from memory.

Well, so here are my two Round Ripples:

I now put them on my KALLAX rack together with the red one I made a while back. What do you think?

My craft room / home office looks to sterile from my point of view. There's a lot of white and a little red, that's it. Therefore, I thought I should add some colorful crafty accessories here and there.

Alright ladies, have nice evening - or afternoon or morning or night :)



  1. They look so pretty on the shelves with the candles. I like the colorway too. :)


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