June 19, 2014

Mason Jar Lid Cozies

Hi ladies!

As I told you earlier, I visited my friend Kristin a little while ago. Of course I brought some gifts!
Hanneli got a box of dog treats and for Kristin I filled a mason jar with self made Almond Quinoa Granola. In addition I hooked three mason jar lid cozies for her. I think they turned out quite cute. Not too fancy but also not too boring. What do you think?

I hooked these with Schachenmayr Egypto Cotton, a 100% cotton yarn. You might remember that one from my little yarn shopping haul video I posted back in March.
The colors I used are 00111 (nougat), 00122 (yellow), 00171 (dark forest) and 00125 (mandarine). Schachenmayr recommends hook size 2 - 3, I used a 3 mm crochet hook.


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