June 11, 2014

Are You Knooking Yet?!

So how's everyone doing these days? 
We had some scary thunderstorms last night with hail and heavy rain which kept me awake until almost midnight. In parts of Kassel the power went out, many basements were flooded. The spokesperson from the fire department said in the newspaper this morning that they had been alarmed about 350 times this one night, way too much for such a small city. A major thanks to all the hard working fire fighters, the police officers and all the other rescue teams that took care of us that night and went straight back to work this early AM!

Well, last weekend I visited Kristin in Berlin :) We had such an amazing time! We went on a boat ride, we took Hanneli for walks, we went to amazing restaurants and ate great vegan food, we talked, we laughed, we had fun - and we knooked :)

So I guess not all of you are familiar with knooking, am I right? Well, knooking is quite similar to Tunisian crochet. The hooks look like this - part crochet hook, part needle:

And this is what Kristin and I knooked:

Kristin knooked a smartphone cozy and a small pouch ...

... and I knooked this pouch

Have an awesome day, ladies!


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