April 29, 2014

Jars for Decoration

I sort of collect glass jars. You never know when you going to need them, like for decoration for example. So yesterday I took five glass jars from my little jar collection, wrapped green bast around it, filled the bottoms with tiny stones and put a small candle into each of them. Voilà, easy-peasy spring decoration for my window stills :)


April 25, 2014

Small Round Ripples

Alright, this is a quick one as I'm sort of in a hurry right now :)

I made some ripples! Actually I don't know how I got the idea but as I finished the first one I thought they might fit quite well on my living room window still. So far I made one in white, one in red and one in brown and I'm thinking about adding some pastel-colored ones to my collection for Spring.

The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Bravo, 100% acrylic. And the pattern can be found HERE.


April 24, 2014

Leaf Coasters

After a short Easter break I'm finally back with a new blog post :) I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and ate as much Easter candy as I did ;)

Every now and then my friend Kristin sends me pins over at pinterest. Those pins actually inspire me a lot, especially when it comes to making presents for her :) A couple of weeks ago, this pin came my way:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pattern. So I did what I always do in such a situation, I improvised and came up with a new pattern! And that's the result:

The yarn I used is called myboshi origianl no.2, a 85% cotton 15% kapok blend, colors 225, 273, 274 and 292. I think I already mentioned it in my video from the 9th of March. And yes, that's the Easter surprise gift I mentioned there as well :)


April 11, 2014

Pattern: A Self-Made Cat Toy

I saw this one at a TV show called HundKatzeMaus (Egnl.: DogCatMouse). Unfortunately, they didn't present proper instructions so it was time for me to improvise again. And that's the result...

ENGLISH (US terminology) & GERMAN

You need...
- Cotton Yarn in three different colors
- One of those yellow containers you find in the Kinder suprise eggs
- Small stones or pearls

Du benötigst...
- Baumwollgarn in drei verschiedenen Farben
- Einen dieser kleinen Behälter aus den Kinder Überraschungseiern
- Kleine Steine oder Perlen

Start with a  magical ring and hook the first three rows like shown here...
Beginne mit einem Fadenring und häkele die ersten drei Reihen wie hier gezeigt...

Row 4 - 17: One SC per stitch, close each time with a SL
Reihe 4 - 17: Eine Fm je Masche, jede Reihe mit einer Km schließen

Eyes: Magical Ring, 3 CH, 12 DC into Ring - sew a cross on the eyes with a different color, then sew the eyes onto the body. Don't forget to use the same yarn for the nose.
Augen: Fadenring, 3 Lm, 12 Stb in den Ring - nahe ein Kreuz auf die Augen, dann nähe die Augen auf den Körper. Vergesse nicht, das gleiche Garn auch für die Nase zu verwenden.

Fill half of the little yellow container with small stones or pearls and stuff it into the body.
Fülle den kleinen gelben Container zur Hälfte mit kleinen Steinen oder Perlen und stopfe ihn in den Körper.

Close everything by hooking one simple row of SC at the top
Schließe alles indem du eine einfache Reihe Fm zum Abschluss häkelst.

Happy Hookin'!


*** Find this pattern @ Ravelry: Owl (Cat Toy) ***

April 8, 2014

Coaster Set + Wrapping

This is one of the projects I was working on in February but couldn't show you until now. Using this patter over HERE, I hooked a 6-part coaster set for one of my best friends.

The yarn I used:
  • Austermann Kara, color 11 
  • Woll Butt Versailles, colors red, orange and yellow

I wanted the wrapping for this gift to look a bit rustic and therefore decided to use brown paper.


April 6, 2014

A New Home For My Crafting Supplies

A couple of days ago, I finally invested in a new IKEA rack. I simply needed more space for my crafting supplies and believe me, stuffing everything into a tiny BILLY is neither fun nor nice to look at.
Well, I had my eyes on an EXPEDID rack. Unfortunately, some guys at IKEA decided to no longer sell that one. I therefore went for the successor KALLAX.

I'm still a huge BILLY fan but this KALLAX looks so much better!

As soon as I'm not sneezing and coughing anymore (hay fever and a cold is one annoying combination) I'll make a video and show you what's in those white boxes. Hint: It might be my yarn stash ;)

So far, have a nice Sunday everyone!


April 5, 2014

Little Booties

One of my colleagues gave birth to a baby boy a couple of weeks ago so I hooked some little booties for her little guy :)