March 22, 2014

Shamrock Mug Cozy

I got inspired for this a couple of days before St. Patrick's Day. The pattern itself is quite easy - see description below!

For the granny squares I basically used Debi's 4-heart square pattern as I figured it would also make a great shamrock. But I had to make a few tweaks:
  • I changed colors after the second round
  • For the heart/shamrock tops I joined the green yarn with a simple knot to the 1st loop from the right on any side of round two, 1 ch, 2 hdc into next loop, 2 hdc into next loop, 1 sl into next loop, 2 dc into next loop, 2 dc into next loop, 1 sl into next loop
I made three squares, joining them with the tight join method.
Afterwards, I cut 6x2 50 cm threats from the green yarn, attached them to both outer squares as described in the following picture and braided them.

Enjoy hookin' :)



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