February 15, 2014

Pinspired In The Kitchen: Caprese Potato and Chocolate Pudding

I decided to introduce a new topic here on my blog: Pinspired In The Kitchen
I'm an avid pinner over at Pinterest and there so many yummy looking pins on my {food & drink} board, it is about time I try out some of them! Let's start with a caprese potato and a chocolate pudding.

Reason to pick this recipe:
The baked potato sounded healthy and yum and I always wanted to try avocado chocolate pudding.

Tweaks made:
I seasoned the baked potato with some black pepper, coriander and chives. Unfortunately I didn't have any basil on hand so I had to skip that one. The potato baked for about 50 min in the oven btw.
I used rice milk instead of almond milk for the pudding and added 1 tbsp of maple syrup.

How it turned out:

Extremely yummy, will definitely make that again!

Tastes a bit like extra extra light chocolate pudding, too
light for me. Nice try but will probably not make that one again.

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