January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions for 2014

Hi everyone out there!

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas holidays and made it safely into 2014 :)

I myself celebrated both quietly at my parents' house with my family, did some crocheting, read a book, watched a lot of TV and did some Pilates now and then.
I also found some time to think about resolutions for 2014. Well, the thing with resolutions is, they mostly turn out to be somehow impossible to realize. Therefore I tried to concentrate on things that aren't too off and where there's a slight chance I might actually make them come true. And that's the result:

  • Self-made Christmas presents
  • Craft easter egg felt ornaments
  • make some corn dollys
  • bake some gingerbread houses for tea cups
  • hook some slippers
  • hook a bag
  • read more Dresden Files books
  • Sew some Martha Stewart shoe bags
  • Start running
  • Erfurt City break (visit Melanie)
  • Berlin City break (visit Kristin)
  • London City break (just because)

Have a great start in 2014!



  1. What I like most:
    Hook some slippers
    AND: Berlin City break!

  2. Nice plans for the year :-) Have a wonderful 2014!

  3. Great list of projects! Good luck with them and wishing you a fabulous 2014 xx


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