May 5, 2013

Been MIA again & Something Eco

Hi everyone,

sorry for not posting anything in ages. I'm currently experiencing a huge lack of inspiration. As a result I'm not crafting and/or crocheting that much lately. Instead, I worked some extra hours, did a lot of Pilates (my fav stress-killer) and tried to sleep as much as possible. With the sun finally shining again I even added some reading to my daily routine. As I'm totally on the eco-friendly wagon at the moment I chose Living Like Ed - A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life by Ed Begley, Jr. to be my first book in weeks.

Well, I definitely got inspired by that book as you can see. Every single one of these little green and orange post-it notes stands for a topic I plan to work on during the next weeks:

  • Check dishwasher programs
  • Check light bulbs and exchange if necessary
  • Check fridge temperature
  • Do some research on more eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Check out
  • Do some research on balcony gardening
  • Get informed about the local farmer's markets
  • Do some research on the local recycling and garbage programs
  • Do some research on rechargeable batteries

Of course there are thousand of other things worth thinking and caring about. I'm already caring about the environment so this topic is not all new to me. I'm just looking for things I haven't considered yet.

Well, looks like I'm going to bother you guys with some eco topics in the near future :)

Have a great and sunny Sunday everyone!


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  1. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible - recycling, energy saving bulbs, composting, no pesticides etc but there's always something else to do to help. thanks for these tips. xx


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