October 28, 2012

Simple Christmas Trees

Yes, I began to stock up on Christmas decoration!
One of my favourite sources of inspiration is pinterest. A couple of weeks ago I found a few crochet Christmas trees over there. Unfortunately, the tutorial was missing. But luckily, it's absolutely easy to make these cute little trees. All you need is a cone (I made some out of paper), your crochet hook, some yarn and glue - et voilĂ :

- Uta -

October 19, 2012


I made this one a couple of days ago. It only took me an hour. I think it turned out pretty cute :)

My pattern for this little sunflower can be found right here!

I wish all of you an awesome weekend!

- Uta -

October 14, 2012

Lace-like Scarf

After two wonderful weeks in Windy City, I'm finally back home! And I've got something to share. I started working on this project last year in January I think and never really managed to finish it. For whatever reason I finally felt like crocheting it to the end this year in September - et voilĂ :

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I just spent two hours resetting my iPad. Yeeha, what a mess. Btw, did anyone of you come across a usefull crochet or crafting app?!

- Uta -

October 3, 2012

Help Needed!

Hey everyone,

I think I need your help. You know, I got this amazing Big Shot machine from my parents but don't have any dies yet. At the moment I'm in the US and let's be honest, those dies seem to be cheaper over here than in good old Germany. Therefore I was wondering where I could by them in the US or better to say in Chicago. Ideas anyone?

Greetings from Windy City,