July 19, 2012

Ring Holder: A Tutorial

Step 1: Choose a box, maybe recycle one. I myself used an old candy box.

Step 2: Prepare several equally sized strips of paper. Their width should match the one of the box you intend to use for your ring holder. Again try to recycle here, it's more eco-friendly. As you can see I simply used old news papers.

Step 3: Pick a paper napkin in the colour of your choice and cut it into stripes. The height of your box needs to be the width of your stripes. Of course you can also use fabric if you like.

Step 4: Glue the stripes from step 3 into your box as shown in this picture.

Step 5: Roll up the strips of paper from step 1. Make sure the paper rolls do all have the same diameter. In this step you will find out how many paper rolls you will actually need (plus minus one maybe).

Step 6: Wrap the paper rolls into pieces of paper napkins.

Step 7: Glue the rolls into the box and you're done!

- Uta -


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