June 16, 2012

Sherlock Holmes Collage: A Tutorial

Step 1: Materials and Equipment
You might need the following things:
  • Picture frame
  • One sheet of white paper for the background (should fit in your printer)
  • One sheet of coloured paper for the papercutting
  • One sheet of paper for the stencil (should fit in your printer)
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Scissors
  • Cutter 
  • Cutting mat
  • Glue stick
  • Computer with a printer internet access

Step 2: The Stencil
Search online for a Sherlock Holmes papercut you like and print it out in an appropriate size.
Afterwards cut out the stencil, turn it around and transfer it with a pencil onto the back side of the sheet of coloured paper.

Step 3: Cut
Now cut out the the shape you just drew on the sheet of coloured paper. You might need your scissors as well as a cutter at this point.

Step 4: Print
Afterwards, search for an appropriate text online. I recommend browsing Project Gutenberg. It offers a wide range of free ebooks.
Copy the text into a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Office Word), adjust its size and colour and choose a nice font. I went for Edwardian Script ITC in size 18 and chose a dark grey.
You may also have to adjust the edging here. Make it as small as possible. Then print it out.

Step 5: Glue
Now put just a few small dots of glue onto the back side of the Sherlock Holmes papercut and put it on the sheet of white paper on which you just printed some text.

Step 6: The Finished Collage
Put everything into a nice picture frame. I myself picked a NYTTJA picture frame from IKEA in red (25 x 34 cm) for 2€. They come in some really nice coloures and are definitely affordable.

Et voilĂ , you're done!

Have a great weekend!

- Uta -

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