June 10, 2012

Ring Holder

I'm currently clearing out my wardrobe as well as a couple of other cupboards. Luckily, reorganizing all my clothes isn't such a big deal. I bought a new chest of drawers and spent a couple of Euros on new hangers and that's basically it. But now I'm trying to bring order into my jewelry. The first step is this self-made ring holder:

Now I'm searching for ideas for storing necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Feel free to inspire me and post some links in the comment section :)

- Uta -

PS: I'm working on the tutorial!


  1. Very nice Uta. :)

    If you accept blog awards, I have one for you on my blog.

    1. Omg, thank you, Debbie :)
      Yes, I accept the award :) Awesome, my first award! Wow...


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