April 30, 2012

Wiggles Square

Wiggles Squares look amazing and are so easy to make :)

Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 (navy)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8284 (mint)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8190 (lilac)

Pattern: Wiggles Squares by Debi Y.

Happy 1st of May!

- Uta -


  1. Your wiggles square came out really nice - I'm glad you like the pattern. :)

    1. The pattern is awesome!
      I'm thinking of maybe using it for a bag or something like that, I'm not sure yet...

  2. I love this - it's a bit different. I will check out Debi's pattern :) Maggie xx

  3. I love making these too. I also make them in cotton to use as dish cloths. I live live love the colors you used on this one. I need to do more with black. It makes the other colors pop so nicely. I am a new follower. Have a great day and thanks for sharing the beauty!

    1. Thank you for you nice comment, Melissa!
      Using this pattern for dish cloths is a very interesing idea :) Maybe next time I'm at my favourite yarn shop I'll look out for some nice cotton and also make some.


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