April 13, 2012

Ship Of The Desert

This is not about crafting but I had to share it with you!
I just got back home from a short trip to Handeloh, Germany. That's where my cousin and her furkids live. And let me tell you, those anipals are truely unique :) Beside two cats and two horses my cousin also owns four amazing camels! Yes, camels - one dromedary and three bactrian camels.
Oh, we had so much fun with them! My cousin even let me ride on one of them :)

Me and dromedary Aralie,
she's such a cuddly animal...

Me on Dolly

Daya and Krümelchen

Aralie again - she's my favourite camel :)

Krümelchen - isn't she a beauty?!

Size 5 I'd say ;)

Gorgeous, don't you think?

For more information visit www.kameloase.de (a German website)!

Have a sunny weekend everyone!

- Uta -


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Isn't your cousin wonderful to own these beautiful camels. They look like they have such a fabulous life! I love them all but especially Krümelchen :) Looks like you had fun riding them! Are they rescued animals? Maggie xx

    1. You're welcome, Maggie :) Yes, I definitely had an amazing time there!
      As far as I know, one is rescued, two she bought 'normally' from their previous owners. Dolly is one of those two. My cousin later found out Dolly was pregnant when she bought here - and a couple of months later Dolly became mother of little Daya (who's now bigger than her mum) :)


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