March 20, 2012

Snowball Fight

Hello everyone and greetings from Heidelberg!

I'm currently attending an SAP training in Walldorf and therefore I'm staying in an hotel in Heidelberg for a couple of days. Today while shopping I came across some interesting and also traditional sweet dessert called "Schneeball" (snowball in English). There's a shop here in the historic district of Heidelberg that sells them in all different kinds of flavours: Nougat, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon, etc.... This is how their shop window looked like:

And of course I had to buy some snowballs. I decided to go for the traditional snowball with just confectioner's sugar on it and one filled with nougat :) My plan is to save them up until Saturday when I'm visiting my parents.

For more information on the "Schneeball" have a look right here (Wikipedia).

I hope you are all having some sunny days!

- Uta -


  1. Oh wow! These chocolates look absolutely scrummy! I just love anything chocolatey :) Maggie xx

    1. Ha, me too, I also love chocolate :D
      They tasted pretty good by the way. My parents and I had them for tea yesterday, definitely delicious!

      - Uta


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