March 8, 2012

Self-Made Gift Tags: A Tutorial

A couple of days ago I blogged about some self-made gift tags, now I want to show you how to make them.

Step 1: Materials
Based on how I made these gift tags you're going to need the following materials*:
- Paper bag handles made of twisted paper
- Brown Paper bag
- Coloured paper

Step 2: Stencils
You will need two hourglass shaped stencils**. They look pretty much the same but they have a different size. Of course, you don't have to stick to the shape I used. Be fancy, be creative and choose something different! Or feel free to simply use my shapes:

Step 3: Draw and Cut
Arrange the bigger stencil on the outside of the brown paper bag and transfer it's shape onto it with a pencil.
Do the same with the small stencil and the coloured paper.

Afterwards, cut out the shapes and raze out all traces of pencil that are left on them.

Step 4: Cut and Staple
Cut the paper bag handles in two. Put both ends of every piece together and secure with a staple.

Now fold the shapes made of the brown paper bag as well as those made of the coloured paper like shown in the picture below:

Secure the shapes with two staples per gift tag:

And you're done :)

- Uta -


* It's important to be kind to mother earth - recycling paper bags instead of throwing them away means being kind.
** Whenever you make stencils I highly recommend using scratch paper or a piece of newspaper, it's more eco-friendly.

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