March 13, 2012

Let's get back to crocheting - finally!

My left hand is almost back to normal which means I can finally crochet again! Unfortunately, I got a cold a few days ago and am now sniffing and sneezing like crazy. But luckily, that doesn't keep me away from working on some crafting projects :)

I hocked a few granny squares for my new blanket:

Furthermore, I started to pretty up some Easter decoration. I'm still working on this one so no pictures at this point :)

And here's something for which I need some more inspiration aka your help. I'm an avid tea drinker, one of my colleagues at work as well. So for a few months now I've been collection those paper thingies that are wrapped around tea bags:

I'd like to make something out of it, I already have some vague ideas but nothing really knocked my socks off yet. So who's got an idea?

- Uta -


  1. You could try this idea with the tea bag papers:

    it looks very interesting. :)

    1. Oh wow, that looks amazing. I'll definitely try that out! Thank you, Debi :)

  2. Glad your hand is nearly better. Sorry no ideas for the tea bag papers but I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing :) Maggie xx

    1. Thank you, Maggie :)
      It feels great to finally craft again!


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