February 14, 2012

Self-made Envelopes

I'm a sucker for stationary always looking for nice letter paper and evelopes. Unfortunately, it's hard to find stationary I really like. Therefore I started to create my own. I began by looking up different patterns and picutres on the internet that I later printed out. Those turned out like this for example:

But as I became more and more aware of the necessity to live a bit more eco-friendly I had a look at things I had lyning around my appartment, things I could maybe reuse or recycle. And I instantly had to think of all the paper bags you get for example at Starbucks or at TeeGschwendner. I love to buy things at those shops so I have a couple of them.

Well, I then started to craft my first Starbucks envelopes:

And those are the ones made out of TeeGschwendner bags and After Eight paper:

- Uta -


  1. I love these! Any chance of a little tutorial on how to make them? :) Maggie xx

    1. A tutorial? Mh, never thought of that but that sounds like a very good idea :) I'll work on one, I promise :)


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