February 21, 2012

Future Projects

I just wrote down a list of future DIY projects I plan to work on:
  • Marimekko Easter card
  • More spring decoration
  • Granny star garlands
  • Gift tags ( => Blog Post "Self-Made Gift Tags" )
  • Skyscraper collage
  • Skyscraper collage - tutorial
  • Another granny square blankie  
  • Something to keep my crochet hooks in
  • Lanterns for decoration 
  • Setting up a folder for my stencils, patterns, etc. 

What's on your list?

1 comment:

  1. i like the idea of making an actual list.
    i have a 'mental' list but i think i'll steal your idea and make a list!

    I want to make some crochet grocery bags, and hawaiian flowers blanket, pinwheel pillows and like 5000 things from ravelry!


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