January 31, 2012

Wool-Eater CAL Update 05: Let's say 16

I did not have that much time for crocheting last week therefore I only managed to hook 2 more rounds what makes a total of 16 rounds now. VoilĂ :

Round 15 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8279 (neon orange)
Round 16 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8194 (lime)

- Uta -

January 30, 2012

Another Marimekko Unniko Easter Card

I already mentioned in an earlier post that I'm sending a friend of mine a Marimekko styled card every year for Easter (see this post). This is the Marimekko Unniko Easter Card Kristin got last year, a pretty simple one. The flower is made of  felt.

I'm currently going through some ideas for this year's Easter Card :)

- Uta -

January 29, 2012

Crocheted Bag

I always wanted to make one of those granny square bags but never got started. A couple of months ago I came across this amazing Sunny Spread pattern and I thought this is it! This is what I'm going to use for my bag! Well, the bag turned out like this:

I later made another one for my mother using blue wool. Unfortunately I, forgot to take pictures of it...

- Schachenmayr Bravo 8226 (black)
- Schachenmayr Bravo Colour 00083 (mexiko)

Pattern: Sunny Spread

- Uta -

January 25, 2012

Wool-Eater CAL Update 04: 14 rounds!

Yesterday evening I finished round number 14!

Last weekend I stayed at my parents house. I always bring something I can do so that my parents don't have to entertain me 24/7. This time I brought my wool-eater blanket. My mom loves it! She is so in love with the pattern and couldn't stop telling me how amazing it is! Well, maybe I should make her a little something using this pattern....mh.... :)

Round 11 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8284 (mint)
Round 12 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8289 (fuchsia)
Round 13 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8291 (denim heather)
Round 14 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 (navy)

January 17, 2012

Wool-Eater CAL Update 03: Just finished Round 10

I had a pretty relaxing weekend and managed to finish a couple of more rounds of my wool-eater blanke so I'm at 10 rounds now. Sarah set that as a goal for January 25th I think.

Round 7 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8221 (red)
Round 8 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8190 (lilac)
Round 9 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8194 (lime)
Round 10 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 (navy)

January 8, 2012

Wool-Eater CAL Update 02: 6 Rounds So Far

I already hooked the first few rounds for my wool-eater blanket!
First, I tried to stick to the schedule Sarah London posted. Unfortunately, I'll be on business travel for a couple of days and therefore not able to work on the blanket between January 11th and January 18th. So here are my first six rounds:

Round 1 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8303 (purple)
Round 2 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8246 (pine)
Round 3 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8289 (fuchsia)
Round 4 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 (navy)
Round 5 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8201 (yellow)
Round 6 - Schachenmayr Bravo 8195 (teal)

- Uta -

January 5, 2012

Wool-Eater CAL Update 01: Preparation

I will try to post updates on my wool-eater blanket on a weekly basis (like Sarah suggested in her blog). I kicked off the wool-eater project a couple of hours ago by having a look through my stash...

...and picked some colours for the first few rows.

- Uta -

January 4, 2012

Pin Cushion No. 2

My mom told me how she liked my pin cushion so I made one for her:

Wool: Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 & 00081

Pattern: Liselotte's Pin Cushion Pattern in English

- Uta -

Wool-Eater Crochet-Along

Sarah London is hosting a Wool-Eater Crochet-Along over at her blog,
so let's start hooking!
To get more information (pattern included) click on the picture below:

I will join her, what about you?