November 25, 2011

Paper, Wool & Yarn

I love to craft, I love to crochet and I love to give presents - and that is what this blog is about. I'll try to post regular updates on crafting and/or crocheting projects I'm working on, give tips on certain techniques, tell you about great patterns, etc.

I know that at this very moment my blog is far from being 'ready for go-live'. It doesn't have a proper header, there's no real background picture, no colour, no nothing and the list of links on the right side contains only one tiny entry so far. Well, I promise things will get better during the next days/weeks. But yet, despite of all the things that are still missing here, I decided to make this blog public at this stage. For me, crocheting and crafting means therapy. I'm neither physically nor psychologically ill, I'm just that average person whose soul needs some relaxing, some downtime from real life, some therapy from time to time. That's it, that's my excuse.

- Uta -

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