May 9, 2018

My favorite crafting tools

Hello everyone,

today I'd like to talk about my most favorite crafting tools. There are a couple I use almost all the time and can't live without anymore :)

Cutting Board
About a year or so ago I bought a cheap cutting board from one of the local discounters. Don't wanna miss it anymore. It makes crafting with paper so much easier and faster. And it also comes in handy when you're creating your own planner inserts like I do.

Adjustable Hole Punch
I learned to love my adjustable hole punch the day I started to create and print inserts for my Filofax planner. It cost me about 11€ if I remember correctly and I thought it quite pricey at first but over the last couple of months I figured it's worth the price.

Japanese Screw Punch
I tried several multi punch tools and failed using them before I came across a Japanese screw punch while watching a Martha Stewart video on YouTube. I am not exaggerating when I say this changed my crafting game a lot. But to be honest, the first screw punch I bought, it was a pretty cheap one, was garbage at best. The second, which cost a bit more, was way better and is still in use.

Precision Craft Tool
This set includes six different cutter blades, one embosser and one awl. I bought it ages ago at Tchibo. Again, one of those tools that absolutely comes in handy when crafting with paper.

Whenever I make an envelope, a notebook or other creations of such sort, my triangle is my best friend. This is a habit that probably built from my mum's influence and I definitely can't blame her for that :)

What are your favorite crafting tools? Anything you can recommend?

Thanks for stopping by :)


April 29, 2018

Dashboards, May Inserts & more Happy Mail

Hello everyone,

I know I'm a bit late to the party this week, so sorry for that :)

let me start today's blog post by showing you the monthly dividers of my Filofax planner that I've created not too long ago. It took me little while to decide on the right patterns for each months but now I'm happy with how it turned out :)

I even labeled all the tabs

January till June

July till December

Something else I would love to share with you is the lovely Happy Mail that arrived about two weeks ago from Algeria :) My amazing friend Sarra sent me so many lovely goodies:

I added one of the flowers to my April planner spread right away.

And now some impressions from Berlin city trip from last week. I took these photos from the TV tower shortly before sunset. Such an amazing view!

And last but not least, the May Filofax inserts are available :) You guys know the drill, hop over the Planner Inserts page and download your copy for free!

Thanks for stopping by today!


April 11, 2018

Turtle Cushion & Happy Mail

Hello everyone,

I figured it's been a while since I share a crochet project with you so here's one today :)

I hooked a fun little Turtle Cushion for my god daughter for her birthday at the beginning of the year and I must say I am more than happy with how it turned out :)

For the turtle shell I used an African flower pattern I found on Pinterest. Head, feet and tail are out of a book called Crochet - The complete step-by-step guide, Essential techniques, More than 80 patterns. I got it from TK Maxx a few years ago. The rest is freestyle more or less. I even had to sew the pillow which is inside the turtle's belly.

Apart from that I wanted to share with you some happy mail I sent not too long ago. I made the envelope myself and finally had the opportunity to use my new seal stamp.

What do you think :)


March 28, 2018

All things planner related

Hello everyone,

Today's post is for the planner people out there!

First things first, the Filofax Inserts for April are available! Go to the Planner Inserts page to grab your copy :)

New inserts - one sentence a day

Apart from that, I just recently created some additional inserts I'd like to share with you today:
  • "one sentence a day"
    This one's for memory keeping and/or easy journaling. Each file contains pages for 28 days, 30 days and 31 days These inserts are available in either A5 or personal.
  • "order tracker"
    This insert is designed to help you track outbound as well as inbound orders. There are columns for order date, shipping date, tracking numbers, etc.

I also got a bit creative right in my planner a little while ago. For whatever reason I felt the urge to create a little motivational board. I wanted it to be accessible for me as a little reminder so it had to be part of my planner.

And that's it for today.

See you soon!


March 14, 2018

Self-Made Stationery & Free Easter Printables

Hello my friends,

I just recently bought this amazing hand lettering book by Frau Annika. It so inspired me to design some stationery. Well, basically I was just doodling on white sheets of paper but I think it turned out quite cute, don't you think?

Quite a fun way to create unique stationery. I am thinking about writing a tutorial for this, what do you guys think?

And with Easter not too far away, I thought it would be great to offer a new set of free printables :) Of course the printables had to be Easter related and sort of colorful.
Click on the pictures below to grab you free copy:

Easter egg madness :)

A lil' something for the planner people :)

Happy Craftin' my friends and see you soon!